How to collect your samples for testing

The most important thing to remember when preparing your teeth for cementum annuli aging is we need the ROOTS! The front teeth provide the best results. If you plan to remove the front teeth yourself it will be best when your harvest is fresh. You’ll want to cut down as far as your knife will go on all sides of the front two teeth.  Then, provide forward pressure pressing the teeth from the inside to the outside of the mouth and they should pop right out. If you would prefer to have us remove them then you can remove the whole front mandible by sawing off the front row of teeth  about 1.5 inches back from the teeth.

If you only have one please send one and retain the rest of the jaw in case it is requested of you. If you dont have any front teeth at all then we will need one whole side of the jaw. We will have to know which molars we are aging they cant be extracted prior to arrival. Please note its imperative that you remove as much of the flesh as possible and dry out your sample in salt (larger samples) prior to sending in. DO NOT place teeth or jaws in plastic bags! Our staff and the postal workers will thank you for that as it accelerates the decay process.

How to place an order for aging

You can either click the shop button on deerage.com or CLICK HERE to order. Once you are in the store add all the kits that you wish to purchase to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you don’t already have an account you’ll be prompted to create one. If you have already harvested your game you will enter the details of that game at checkout. If you plan to use the kit later or give it away just select “later” and continue check out. Please note that we will need more information about your game animal. Not only do we age all types of game but some of the information we ask for such as harvest date helps us be more precise with aging. If you are selecting to redeem your kit later simply log into your account and in the top right corner there is a spot to “redeem your kit” and enter your harvest details. The more information you provide the more data we can gather and compile for research for you! After checkout you can see your kit tracking information inside your order details. You’ll also receive an email letting you know when your kit ships out to you. You can then log in any time to check the status of your order, see if its been received, check your due date and print your results. You will be notified by email when results are ready inside your portal.

How to package your samples

When preparing your teeth for cementum annuli aging, place your teeth inside the barcoded dental envelope that comes with your aging kit. If you selected molar service or mandible service saw down the bone such that the row of teeth your sending fits inside the envelope staying far enough from the teeth as to not sever the roots. Do not place anything inside the envelope with your sample. The samples go directly into processing inside these envelopes. Again, PLEASE NO PLASTIC! Sandwich your dental envelope between the order card and the protection card included. Make sure you have followed the checklist on your order card. Please do not tape the order card to the protection card, simply slide them inside the return envelope.

As for mailing…IF you are choosing to use the postal service you must send through the post office using “non-machinable mail” or “hand cancellation” this will prevent your sample from being crushed in processing. You are welcome to use any carrier you like and place the return envelope in other packaging. We highly recommend sending with tracking, however keep in mind your sample may not be checked in the day it is received. We check in every Monday and back date so if you check your tracking and it has arrived but not been checked in we DID receive your sample and will process asap.

Q: Commercial Ordering instructions

Often times commercial customers like having their envelopes and cards in advance of season. To order your free envelopes inside your portal there is a drop down menu and you can select how many you want. None of these are charged until you redeem them and are all for the 90 day service. (Were still working on installing the upgrade for these). Once your envelopes arrive you can begin collecting teeth and when you are ready to send them in just go back into your portal and go to the “redeem kit” area and enter the details for each deer.

If you would like to get the retail kits either to give away or to have upgraded services you can add those to your cart in the store and your discount will still apply.

Consider adding a certificate of aging to your order

Upgrade option available during checkout.

Aging Certificate

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