Aging your game

     from across the globe

                            is now easier!!

Shipping internationally is no easy feat but we will walk you through the process so you too can take advantage of our amazing services!

You’ll need to do some research through your local wildlife office but we can help you determine what to ask and how to have a smooth transaction. Once you have read the information below you AND followed the first steps you are ready to ORDER

1 Research

Request information from your local wildlife office on shipping samples

2 Order

Obtain permits and order with us online

3 Ship

After uploading documents ship your samples to the lab

Here are the Steps in Detail!

Contact your wildlife office


You will likely need an export permit to export your teeth to the US. Some places charge for them and some do not. You need to ask the following information

  1. Do I need an export permit to export my teeth to the US and if so how do I obtain it
  2. I need to know if my game animal is on the CITES protected species list and if so how do I obtain a CITES permit

Once you know if your sample is CITES or NON-CITES and you have followed the steps to get your permit. You can simply place your order with us online. You will later upload that permit to our INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTS PORTAL along with a few other things.

Place your order with us
For ordering internationally you will fill out the form below and you are responsible for paying the U.S. import fees. The US fish and wildlife department charges $93 per shipment of non-cites species and $183 for CITES species import. We do not cover these fees. Once we have an international ambassador in your country the cost will go down as we can batch the samples together. If you are interested in becoming the international ambassador for your country CLICK HERE
Upload your documents
You will need to upload a Bill of Lading to our INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTS PAGE which states you are the one responsible for exporting your sample. You will also upload your export permit there when it arrives. After you have uploaded those two items you can then ship
4-Ship with good carrier
You will need to ship with a carrier that is used to dealing with international shipments. We recommend using FedEx as they are set up well for this process. You will need to let the carrier know your sample is wildlife and must stop in Memphis Tennessee for USFWS inspection. After you ship you will need to give us the tracking number in the INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTS PORTAL.

Now just keep an eye on your tracking. DeerAge.com does not watch the tracking for you. We do prioritize international shipments to try to offset the delay in customs and ensure you are getting the fastest service we can provide.

Once your sample arrives we will create a customer portal for you and send further instructions on how to get your age results.

You are ready to Order!

Make sure you understand your export process prior to placing an order.

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