Steps for sending in Teeth

1. Order kit online based on what turn around time you would like (Redeem at checkout by entering details or redeem later in customer portal)

2. Remove teeth if you haven’t already (kit also contains removal instructions)

3. Mail in the provided barcoded envelope (we recommend sending with tracking) UPS/Fedex are best but if using mail send NON-MACHINABLE ONLY


Collection of incisor teeth from a freshly killed deer

We have found that collecting the center incisor teeth from freshly killed deer to be very easy, actually much easier than removing the jaw bone for the much less accurate eruption wear technique. You will find that with experience you will be able to remove these 2 teeth in 3 minutes or less.

*Please remember, the root of these teeth, especially the tip, is what we need undamaged to perform the aging service.

Collecting a front Mandible or side Jaw

If you are leery about extracting your front teeth or you broke them off we can easily extract them for you using the front mandible or whole front row of teeth. It is imperative that you cut at least 1.5 inches away from the teeth to ensure you don’t cut through the roots. When you check out you can select “front mandible” as your sample type and we will ensure the envelope size is large enough to accommodate most species.

If you no longer have the front teeth then we are able to age molars using the Cementum Annuli Technique. We need one side of the jaw only and you can saw it down to fit in the provided envelope. Aging molars is a much more labor intensive process and we recommend using it as a last resort. For basic or express service there is a $17 up-charge for aging molars.

Shipping Info

Place your sample in the barcoded envelope provided and sandwhich the sample between the barcoded order card and the extra provided protection card for shipping.

We recommend using Fedex or UPS but the mail is the most economical option. If you use the mail the samples must be sent NON-MACHINABLE MAIL so they are not crushed. Please keep in mind our checking policy and your turn around time begins from checking not when you place your order.

Specimen Receiving Department
2814 Brooks St #114
Missoula, MT 59801
(512) 756-1989


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