Services & Pricing

We offer the following services to our retail clients:

We can age the following species whitetail deer, mule deer, blacktail deer, pronghorn antelope, caribou, moose, elk, sheep, red deer, Rusa Deer, Axis deer, Fallow deer, cougars, bears, bobcats, sika deer, coues deer, wolves. (please note the tooth required for aging carnivores is the upper premolar located directly behind the K9 tooth). If it has teeth we can age it!


One Week service with Certificate $99.00
One Week service no certificate $89.00
Express Service 45 Days – Two front teeth $57.00
Express Service 45 Days – Whole front mandible $62.00
Basic Service 90 Days – Two front teeth $33.00
Basic Service 90 Days – Whole front mandible $38.00
Molar Aging w/ Basic 90 Day Service $50.00
Add onto an order, a 5×7 Framed Certificate of Aging $15.00
Commercial accounts for larger volume clients such as taxidermists, outfitters, Ranchers, and researchers. Contact us to get set up with a commercial account.

Customer Service and Quality of Analysis are our Priority and Passion

What to Expect From Us

When your aging kit ships out you will receive an email with a tracking number so you can keep an eye out for it. We check in teeth every Monday in order to increase our efficiency. Your due date will be based on the Monday of the week prior regardless of what day it came in. We will send you an email confirming exactly what we received and when you can expect your results. Please check your spam folder for your confirmation and mark it as non-spam if it lands there

When your results are ready you will receive an email with a pdf form that you can then print out as well as a follow up email letting you know the results were entered into the system. If you ordered a certificate it will arrive by mail within two weeks of receiving your results.

Most of all, you should expect from us that we live up to our commitment to provide great customer service and the highest quality analysis. Customer Service and Quality of Analysis Really are our Priority and Passion. Frankly, we get as excited as you do about your successful harvest of an old, wise, mature deer.

Consider adding a certificate of aging to your order

Upgrade option available during checkout.

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