Navigating the customer portal


Our customer portals provide you with so much useful information and data! If you are new to DeerAge or haven’t used the portal much, here are some helpful hints on navigating your customer portal



Key features:


The Navigation Menu

On the left hand side is the navigation menu. Here is where you will find all the information about your orders including received status, due date and age.

If you are on a mobile device the menu is hidden and you must click the three lines up top to reveal it.

The My samples tab

This tab displays individual deer sent in (after Jan 1 2021) and in the top right corner will display the age of your harvest or “pending” if its not done. If its pending the Due date for that harvest displays in the rectangle where the harvest date is. You can add pictures of the deer here if you’d like, request a second look if you are unsure of the aging results or order a certificate if you didn’t when you first placed your order.  You can also print PDFs of individual deer here by clicking the “print results” button. There is a small icon indicating the type of animal sent in and if you ordered a certificate you will see that icon as well. When your certificate ships out there will be a tracking number below the icons for you to track the shipping of your certificate.


The Statistics tab

The “statistics” tab is a useful tool for sorting your data and exporting for data analysis. This tab also lists all the individual deer you have sent in but in a table format so you can sort and filter. If you are looking for a deer by name you can type it into the search and find it. You can also filter by age or weight or whatever stat you’re interested in and export that data to excel for data analysis. The age will also appear here or say pending if its not received. Once the sample is checked in you will see the due date listed in the age field. If you wish to add older samples from the previous system into your account so you are able see them in your portal, you do that by clicking the green button  at the top that says “enter data” (historical data). To sort all by date you can type the date to filter or you can click the small arrow in the field. Next to each deer listed you will see a clickable link that takes you directly to the order that deer was on.



Order History Tab

The “view orders tab displays a list of all the orders you have sent in and the price you paid for those. It says how many kits were on that order and displays a clickable tracking number for your kit. If you place an order and want to see when it will arrive this is the quickest way to find that information. By clicking the “Details” link below each order number you will have access to ALL of the information about a particular order, see upgrade information, and print results of entire orders. See below.




Order Details

When viewing the details of an order you have access to the most information in one place. You will see ALL of the information about your deer, the tracking number for your kit, what you paid, if you got a certificate, a preview of your certificate, your due date or completed age. This is a broad overview of your whole order. If you submitted multiple deer on one order you can print the results of the entire order up at the top vs printing them one at a time in the my samples tab. If you need to ask a question about a tooth or an order, if the staff needs to leave a note about the order or if we need to upload files such as tooth pictures this is where you will find that information. By scrolling down to order notes there is a full record of anything pertaining to a particular order. When you click on a note left by staff it will take you to the note section of the order we are referencing. This is a great way to track any communication about your samples.



If a note is left for you by the staff on an order it will appear as a little red alert in the top right corner of your portal on top of the little envelope. When you click the message it will take you directly to the order that is being referenced and the note left. If you need to respond simply add a note back. If you have any questions this is a great spot to ask them as the notes go to all staff members and it keeps a record of communication. Next to the order notes is a files upload area. This is will be used by staff in the event we upload an image of your tooth. If you need to upload trail cam pics or other files this is a great place to do that and keep better records of your harvests.




The Dashboard

The dashboard has three segments. Located near the top is three links, one is a link to the main site if you need more information, one leads to the store to purchase kits or other merchandise, and the third is a link to our instructional videos. Just below these links on the left is a quick order button. If you are a commercial customer this allows you to order 90 day kits at no charge whereas retail customers are directed to the store. Next to that is a spot to redeem kits. If you elect to enter your harvest details at a later date, if you are a commercial customer with the quick order kits or if you purchased the kit elsewhere, you will need to associate your harvest details with the ID number in your kit. Simply enter the WAL ID and 4 digit pin to redeem.

The middle segment of the Dashboard contains our Leader-board. This is a record of the top ages for each species we age in each state. You can select the game animal of interest and the year of interest and click around the states to see the oldest animals. There is no map of Canada, however the provinces can be selected from the drop-down vs clicking on the map. The list is filterable but not sort-able. As more customers enter more data such as score and weight we hope this information will become more and more dynamic

The next section is your whitetail report. We are the Whitetail aficionados and lets be honest its Americas favorite game animal. Each customer will have a whitetail report which displays your average age whitetail, your oldest aged whitetail compared to the nationwide average for all the whitetails we’ve aged for any given year. This is a fun way to see your progress on a graph. Next to the whitetail report is a spot to leave us a review.

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