Navigating the customer portal


Our customer portals are extremely versatile and allow you to view samples, redeem kits, and export your statistics.
This allows you to check the status of your samples any time just by logging into your account!



Key Portal features:

See order history and kit tracking Add your Trophy Photos Request a second look
See all of your Trophies in one place See your personal whitetail stats Track your Certificate of Aging
Redeem previously purchased kits Export your statistics View the DeerAge Nation leader board

My samples tab

View each one of your trophies individually, including age, species and more!!

If you ordered a certificate the tracking will appear at the bottom once it ships out. If you feel there has been a mistake on the age, you can take advantage of our Age Verification Guarantee by requesting a second look here.

You can also print your results on our letter head. This is a quick easy way to get fast info on your deer!

Order History Tab

The “View Orders” tab displays a list of all the orders you have and the price you paid for those. It shows how many kits were on that order and displays a clickable tracking number for your order.

If you place an order and want to see when it will arrive, this is the quickest way to find that information. By clicking the “Details” link below each order number, you will have access to ALL of the information about a particular order, see upgrade information, and print results of entire orders.





The Statistics tab

This tab is great to quickly filter and look for a specific trophy. You can also add data from before our new system was in place by using the top right “enter data” button. You can also export your data to excel for keeping track of your statistics.




If you need to ask a question about an order, the bottom of your Order Details is a great place to do that. If the staff needs to leave you a message this is where it will be found. This keeps a clean record of all communication about a sample in one place vs getting lost in email.




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