Why do we hunt? How come we obsess about every aspect of hunting especially whitetail deer hunting? To the non-hunter, it seems simple; we’re barbarians, we’re crazy and immature boys living in a fantasy land.  However, we all know why we do it, and more importantly, why we enjoy it.

Hunting’s Influence On Our Personal Lives:

Hunting has an influence on everything we do in our lives from the relationships we have with our dads, grandpas and uncles while growing up, to what we learn as young boys/girls and apply into adulthood. We base what vehicle we buy, the houses we live in and the spouses we choose based on how they’ll enrich our lives and passion for hunting.

Master of Many Trades: How Hunting Expands our Skillsets

Each of us learns everything we can about all game and non-game alike and how their interactions influence each other. We study habitat, nutrition, genetics, age and seasonal habits. We’re physicists on the interaction of bullet diameters, casing geometry, various propellants, drag and wind function. As practicing weathermen (and probably better at it than the “professionals”), we have an understanding of updrafts, downdrafts, low pressure systems and understand which snowstorm will make game bed for the day or move all day. Simultaneously we are botanists and know when the acorns drop to hunt the oaks and when the clover and beets are at their sweetest. Cultivating crops to feed game during hunting season, shelter through the winter and strengthen in the summer. Concurrently dabbling in science, learning about microbiology and animal disease. We’re meat processors and taxidermists. We’re techies that learn and apply the latest technology.

Body Nourishment: How Hunting Feeds Us All

We enjoy the meat that all animals have and like it more when it comes with big antlers. We’re professional trainers that keep our bodies and minds healthy throughout the year so we can more easily climb the tallest peaks and keep up with the fastest prey and still have the strength to pack it out to the truck.

Mental Fortitude: How The Challenges of The Hunt Strengthens

We’re psychiatrists and understand the importance of hard work, family time, alone time and time with friends to keep balance in life.
Every one of these things add interesting and unique elements to the story of our hunts.

So why do we hunt? It is simple really, we do it because it enriches every aspect of our lives.

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