It is imperative that you understand the regulations for shipping teeth from your province to our HUB in Alberta. DeerAge assumes NO LIABILITY in the event you have not properly exported your sample from your province to Alberta. DeerAge has done its best to provide accurate information but you are ultimately responsible for abiding by your regulations. If you dont have an export permit and its required we cannot send your teeth to the lab in the US so please read all instructions carefully.

Exporting teeth from Nunavut to Alberta

Step 1

Wildlife export permits can be obtained from thelocal Wildlife Officer in most communities. There is no fee. Ensure that you take the wildlife parts that you intend to export to the Wildlife Officer when you apply for your permit. The regulations require that the permit contain the following information: the species and parts being exported, the quantity, the hunter’s name and license number, and where the wildlife originated. The permit is not valid until it is signed by the holder and is not transferable to another person. In addition to a Wildlife Export Permit, certification is required before taking some species, including any parts of the animal, out of Nunavut. Species that require certification, unless they were killed under the authority of a license, are: birds of prey, grizzly bears, polar bears, and muskox.

Address where you will be sending your samples

Tyler Shyry
DeerAge Canada
56122 Range Road 151
Yellowhead, Alberta T7e 3S1

Contact Department of Environment:

Phone (867) 975-7700

Step 2

Checkout at orders.deerage.com and when you have both your kit and export permit mail both to the address on your return envelope.

**It is very important that you understand the export rules for your province. Deerage has provided guidance to the best of our ability but we take no responsibility for you knowing the export rules of your province. We have created a hub in Alberta to lower the cost for Canadian customers as well as make the paperwork much easier for import to the US. If you have any question on the rules for your province for sending teeth to Alberta please contact your Province’s wildlife department.

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