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It can be surprising when the age result doesn’t match what you had expected but don’t fear we are committed to quality and accuracy. We constantly work to improve the accuracy of CA aging in all aspects, including research, however there are several reasons a result may not be quite right and here are a few…

  • Deer less than 3.5 can have “fuzzy” lines or intermediate lines that can be mistaken for cementum lines causing them to age older.
  • Old deer can decalcify quicker which can cause some of the cementum lines to fade out unbeknownst to the reader. Usually over-decalcified tissue is obvious but not always
  • Holes in the tissue from poor nutrition. “Messy” cementum can be an issue making the lines extremely difficult to interpret
  • Poor sectioning. When cutting thousands of teeth the technician can think they have sectioned in far enough to reveal the cementum but mistakenly miss some. The reader may see what they believe is all of the cementum but cutting more may reveal more
  • line stacking. Some deer have tighter junctions between lines and a reader can possibly miss one
  • inexperience. We do have new techs on occasion that are trained but someone who has read 1000 slides isnt nearly as experienced as someone who has seen 10,000 so it could just be a simple mistake.

If you ordered after 1/1/21 and have a new customer portal you can log in and under the “my samples” tab find the tooth in question and just click “request second look” and we will be off and running. You’ll receive an email when the analysis is complete. If you ordered before 1/1/21 and you do not yet have a customer portal you can follow the instructions below.

Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you within 1-2 weeks of receiving your request.

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